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            S.J. Phillips Ltd

            26 Bruton Street - 2nd Floor
            W1J 6QL London
            United Kingdom

            T +44 20 76 29 62 61
            F +44 20 76 91 74 45


            E-mail address: enquiries@sjphillips.com

            Registered in:
            England & Wales no.711442

            Collection English
            • 18th century banded agate and gold mounted rectangular box, English c.1760,

              Ref No. 01397 Details
            • George II canted rectangular gold box, English c.1750, engraved with the arms of Earl Ferrers, a miniature of a lady by Christian Friederick Zincke within,

              Ref No. 47000A2 Details
            • George III 18ct gold canted rectangular gold box by Cornelius Bland, London 1798,

              Ref No. 01765 Details
            • Victorian 18ct gold oblong box with hunting scene by William Summers, London 1865,

              Ref No. 45867 Details
            • George III gold and blue guilloche enamel rectangular box by Peter Delauney and Giles Loyer, London 1795,

              Ref No. 45183 Details
            • George I rectangular gold box by James Mayo, London 1722,

              Ref No. 41825 Details
            • 19th century gold mounted banded and moss agate box of casket form, English c.1820,

              Ref No. 43205 Details
            • George IV 18ct gold and lapis lazuli box by John Linnit, London 1828,

              Ref No. 41520 Details
            • George II cartouche-square shaped gold patch box, London c.1740

              Ref No. 40388 Details
            • George II gold and bloodstone cagework egg shaped box, English c.1750,

              Ref No. 41306 Details