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            S.J. Phillips Ltd

            26 Bruton Street - 2nd Floor
            W1J 6QL London
            United Kingdom

            T +44 20 76 29 62 61
            F +44 20 76 91 74 45


            E-mail address: enquiries@sjphillips.com

            Registered in:
            England & Wales no.711442

            • Antique emerald and diamond double snake ring, c.1880,

              Ref No. 02006 Details
            • Marquise diamond and sapphire set three stone geometric cluster ring, the marquise diamond 2.55ct K VS2,

              Ref No. 02003 Details
            • Antique amethyst and diamond cross pendant, c.1880,

              Ref No. 01662A2 Details
            • 18th century banded agate and gold mounted rectangular box, English c.1760,

              Ref No. 01397 Details
            • Louis XV vari-coloured gold oval box with trophies, Paris 1770,

              Ref No. 01357 Details
            • 19th century Italian rectangular gold box by Giovanni Bellezza, Milan c.1840, the cover featuring a central medallion decorated in high relief with a Medieval figural scene depicting a man and woman seated and surrounded by advisors,

              Ref No. 01182 Details
            • Louis XV gold oval shell shaped box, the cover formed as a scallop shell, Nicolas Delion, Paris 1740,

              Ref No. 01123 Price £10,000 Details
            • Louis XV gold cartouche shaped box, the cover formed as a scallop shell, Nicolas Delion, Paris 1738,

              Ref No. 01108 Details
            • Louis XV gold cartouche shaped box by Rene Devaux, Paris 1726-32,

              Ref No. 00850 Details
            • Louis XV four colour gold oval box by Dominique F Poitreau, Paris 1766,

              Ref No. 00849 Details
            • Early 20th century ruby and diamond cluster ring, French c.1915, collet set with a circular cut Burma ruby,

              Ref No. 00811 Details
            • 18th century golden orange topaz girandole pendant-brooch, Portuguese c.1760,

              Ref No. 00356A4 Price £9,600 Details
            • 18th century golden orange topaz girandole pendant brooch, Portuguese c.1760,

              Ref No. 00356A3 Price £9,600 Details
            • Louis XV vari-coloured oval gold box by Pierre Cerneau, Paris 1764, with trophies of love and gardening,

              Ref No. 00314 Details
            • Corallium rubrum, diamond, enamel and gold dragon's head bangle, French,

              Ref No. 00302 Details
            • Diamond and emerald stepped 'heurtoir' brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris,

              Ref No. 48698 Details
            • Pair of enamel, diamond and gold playing-card motif clip brooches by Cartier Paris, c.1938, one clip featuring the Queen of Hearts, the other the King of Hearts, with an associated gold bangle fitting,

              Ref No. 48605 Details
            • Late 19th century five stone ruby ring, English c.1890,

              Ref No. 48447A2 Price £8,000 Details
            • Pair of sapphire and diamond snowflake style cluster dome earrings, c.1970,

              Ref No. 48334A1 Details
            • Aquamarine and diamond cluster ring, c.1930,

              Ref No. 48248 Details
            • Early 20th century sapphire and diamond cluster pendant and sapphire line necklace, c.1915, the oval pendant centred by a cushion cut Burma sapphire,

              Ref No. 48155 Details
            • 19th century agate cameo, diamond and gold cannetille brooch, c.1840,

              Ref No. 48055 Details
            • Rock crystal, citrine and diamond openwork brooch by Cartier,

              Ref No. 47768 Details
            • Antique diamond line bracelet by Tiffany & Co, New York c.1915,

              Ref No. 47757 Details
            • Diamond and coloured gem set four leaf clover brooch,

              Ref No. 47514 Details
            • Gold, ruby and diamond necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels,

              Ref No. 47465 Details
            • Diamond and onyx panther motif mounted embroidered silk evening clutch bag by Cartier, Paris,

              Ref No. 47375 Details
            • Diamond line bracelet by Tiffany, c.1915,

              Ref No. 47357 Details