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            S.J. Phillips Ltd

            26 Bruton Street - 2nd Floor
            W1J 6QL London
            United Kingdom

            T +44 20 76 29 62 61
            F +44 20 76 91 74 45


            E-mail address: enquiries@sjphillips.com

            Registered in:
            England & Wales no.711442

            Collection European
            • Pair of Regence silver mounted Japanese Imari porcelain pots and covers, the porcelain c.1700, the mounts Paris 1717-22

              Ref No. 40117 Details
            • Early 18th century German silver gilt cup and cover set with jewels and enamels by Lorenz Biller II, Augsburg c.1710,

              Ref No. 01181 Details
            • Louis XV silver mug by Francois Joseph Lademer, Lille c.1740

              Ref No. 40707 Price £3,600 Details
            • Louis XV silver tulip form beaker with regence decoration and strapwork by Antoine Plot, Paris 1748

              Ref No. 40420 Details
            • Louis XV silver gilt oval tulip form beaker and cover, with regence decoration and gadroon foot, by Eurlen, Strasbourg 1750-60

              Ref No. 40416 Details
            • Louis XV silver gilt hunting beaker, engraved with scroll decoration, by Gottfried Imlin, Strasbourg c.1750

              Ref No. 40411 Details
            • Louis XV tulip shaped silver beaker by Charles Payen, Orleans 1743

              Ref No. 40266 Price £9,000 Details
            • Early Louis XV tulip shaped silver beaker by Jeanne Martineau, Angers 1728-1730

              Ref No. 40263 Details
            • 17th century parcel-gilt silver cup by Michael Hafner, Augsburg 1681, for the Tanner's Guild of Augsburg, Nuremberg and Ulm, the contest of the Tanner's Guild of Memmingen

              Ref No. 39038 Details
            • Antique silver and silver-gilt cup and cover on stand by J.F.Kirstein, Strasbourg, 1809-1819

              Ref No. 39021 Details
            • 18th century German silver tumbler cup by Paul Solanier, Augsburg, 1700

              Ref No. 21380 Price £2,200 Details
            • 18th century German silver gilt mounted toilet mirror by Johann Ludwig Schoap, Augsburg 1732-33,

              Ref No. 04913 Details
            • Late 17th century parcel gilt silver goblet by Johann I Schuch, Augsburg 1689-1692,

              Ref No. 41190 Details
            • Empire French parcel gilt coffer form casket by Louis Ruschmann, Paris 1819-38,

              Ref No. 40422 Details
            • Antique Spanish silver shaped circular salver, maker's mark M G, Madrid, c.1770, with reeded border and standing on three shell and scroll feet

              Ref No. 14401 Price £3,600 Details
            • Pair of antique Belgian silver braziers, Bruges 1788.

              Ref No. 05284 Details
            • Large silver-gilt embossed ewer by Johannes Mittnacht I, Augsburg 1695-1700,

              Ref No. 38499 Details
            • Louis XVI silver wine taster by Jacques Famechon, Paris 1776

              Ref No. 35883 Price £3,400 Details
            • Pair of German silver meat dishes by Christian Drentwett, Augsburg 1783-85

              Ref No. 28997 Details
            • Belgian silver oval frame with mirror, Ghent, 1779, probably by Carel de Rynck

              Ref No. 20855 Details
            • Louis XV provincial silver wine taster by Olivier Destriche, Angers 1744. Snake handle and engraved M.David p.ur.

              Ref No. 17689A6 Price £1,600 Details
            • Louis XV silver wine taster by Pierre Chesneau, Angers 1760, plain with a snake handle and engraved ''L Moriniere'' around the rim

              Ref No. 15095A4 Price £2,400 Details
            • Louis XV silver circular wine taster with snake handle by Pierre Decerizieres, Thouars 1748

              Ref No. 09829A2 Price £2,200 Details