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            S.J. Phillips Ltd

            26 Bruton Street - 2nd Floor
            W1J 6QL London
            United Kingdom

            T +44 20 76 29 62 61
            F +44 20 76 91 74 45


            E-mail address: enquiries@sjphillips.com

            Registered in:
            England & Wales no.711442

            Collection Antique
            • Antique ruby and diamond suite of necklace with cross pendant-brooch and two bracelets, c.1800,

              Ref No. 02146 Details
            • 19th century golden topaz necklace with cross pendant-brooch and pair of pendant earrings en suite, c.1840,

              Ref No. 01885 Details
            • Diamond tiara of geometric design, converting to form clip brooches and bracelet, English, possibly by Garrard & Co.,

              Ref No. 01898 Details
            • Set of Early 19th century gold, ruby, emerald and banded agate nicolo intaglio jewellery, Italian c.1820, the intalgios c.1800, comprising a fringe necklace, a bracelet, a brooch and two clips,

              Ref No. 01771 Details
            • 19th century garnet, seed pearl and gold cannetille set of necklace, cross pendant-brooch and pair of earrings, c.1830,

              Ref No. 02018 Details
            • 19th century amethyst collet cross pendant necklace and earrings en suite, c.1850,

              Ref No. 01905 Details
            • 19th century Russian cabochon pyrope garnet and rose cut diamond cluster set comprising bangle, brooch and pair of earrings, St Petersburg c.1860,

              Ref No. 01770 Details
            • Early 20th century diamond set scrolling bandeau-tiara, c.1910,

              Ref No. 01437 Details
            • Early 19th century diamond set double-anthemion and scroll bandeau tiara, c.1820,

              Ref No. 01624 Details
            • Antique golden yellow topaz suite, c.1800, comprising a necklace, a pair of earrings and a pair of bracelets, the bracelets each with a matched-colour citrine forming the central stone,

              Ref No. 00889 Details
            • Set of twelve large and eight small 18th century Portuguese chrysolite cluster buttons, c.1780,

              Ref No. 46246 Details