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            S.J. Phillips Ltd

            26 Bruton Street - 2nd Floor
            W1J 6QL London
            United Kingdom

            T +44 20 76 29 62 61
            F +44 20 76 91 74 45


            E-mail address: enquiries@sjphillips.com

            Registered in:
            England & Wales no.711442

            Collection Insects and Animals
            • 19th century diamond set fox head brooch, c.1890,

              Ref No. 46645 Price £5,000 Details
            • 19th century openwork diamond butterfly brooch, Paris c.1890,

              Ref No. 01563 Details
            • 19th century sapphire and diamond bee brooch, c.1870,

              Ref No. 48160 Details
            • Diamond and black enamel dog brooch,

              Ref No. 45757 Details
            • Diamond, rock crystal and black enamel dog's head brooch,

              Ref No. 47773 Details
            • Late 19th century demantoid garnet and diamond lizard brooch, c.1890,

              Ref No. 01716 Details
            • Antique demantoid garnet, diamond, ruby and gold beetle brooch, c.1900,

              Ref No. 01629 Details
            • Mid-20th century gold, citrine, emerald, ruby and diamond bird brooch by Cartier, c.1965,

              Ref No. 01527 Details
            • Diamond set panther's head brooch, c.1920,

              Ref No. 00904 Details
            • Carved emerald, diamond and gem set duck brooch by Cartier,

              Ref No. 00245 Details
            • Antique ruby and diamond bee brooch c.1895,

              Ref No. 01370A1 Details
            • Ruby, diamond and enamel geometric bird brooch by Cartier, London,

              Ref No. 48213 Details
            • Corallium rubrum, diamond and enamel ladybird clip brooch by Cartier, London,

              Ref No. 47669A1 Details
            • Antique textured gold cat's head brooch with tiger's eye set eyes

              Ref No. 45290 Price £3,400 Details
            • 19th century coloured pearl, diamond and ruby spider brooch, c.1890,

              Ref No. 44845 Details
            • Early 20th century diamond and gem set butterfly brooch, c.1910,

              Ref No. 43870 Details